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General conditions

These General Terms and Conditions are an integral part of the package travel package program, and thus this Travel Organization Agreement (hereinafter: the Agreement), which, with the tourist agency MY ACTIVE TRAVEL doo, Trg bana Josipa Jelačića 6, Tratinska 45, 10000 Zagreb, ID: HR -AB-01-081-008051, which is (hereinafter referred to as the Organizer or DISCROVER) signed by the Travel Contractor (hereinafter: the Contracting Authority).
All data and conditions in the program and in these General Terms and Conditions shall be binding on the Organizer, Contractor and Passenger Service Provider (hereinafter referred to as the Traveler) unless otherwise specified in the Contract.


DISCROVER will confirm your booking after receiving the completed booking form together with 30% deposit of the tour cost. The Customer may book the trip/tour organized by DISCROVER by telephone,  e-mail, or by other authorized agents. By signing the contract.

Based on the received application, the Organizer will offer the Contractor a contract that is considered binding after signing it by the Contracting Parties or otherwise clearly confirming its consent (Internet, e-mail, credit card number, giro account payment), and products legal effects when an agency receives an appropriate payment by the agreed deadline. Unless otherwise stated in the program, 30% of the total price is to be paid at the conclusion of the Contract and the rest not later than 25 days before the start date of the Service if it is a service that includes 2 or more services with a minimum of 1 night.


The content of the arrangement makes, that is, the price of the package includes all that is stated in the program. Individual special and additional services (extra meals, tickets, travel insurance etc.) that are not included in the published price of the arrangement, and the Organizer may provide and include in the Contract, the Contractor shall pay specially. If the price of any of the services requested that the Organizer can provide is not specified in the Program, the Organizer will inform the Contractor of the price prior to the conclusion of the Contract.

For the special and additional services that the Organizer can not provide and include in the Agreement and those requested by the Traveler during the Arrangement and on-the-spot Payments to the Direct Service Provider, the Organizer shall not be liable as the Travel Organizer, regardless of the assistance provided by the Organizer’s representative The traveler in obtaining these services and information on the pricing of these services.


By paying the 30% of price tour package  containing traveler’s basic data and information on the programe the guest is paying for, the guest shall accept in its entirety, and confirm that all items of these Terms and Conditions have been understood, there for everything that is written herein shall become legally binding on both the guest and the Organizer. Prices are per person in Croatian Kuna, includes VAT. Due to fluctuation in exchange rates, prices published in foreign currencies may not be accurate. When settling final payment, current Euro/USD/Pound- Kuna exchange rates. On a day of payment we will apply course of that day which is updated by the Croatian National bank. Payment can be made by credit card or bank transfer. No deposit is required for day tours.

Payment options



All cancellations must to be received at our office in writing by e-mail or by post and refund will be issued according to the following schedule: Cancellations up to 30 days before the departure will receive full refund. Cancellations from 15-29 days before the departure will receive 50% refund.

Cancellations within 15 days before the departure will receive no refund.

Weather related cancellations

In case of unfavorable weather conditions, DISCROVER reserves the right to alter the itinerary.

Tour package

The package tour price usually includes (unless the programe reads otherwise) accommodation, breakfast and other meals as stated in the tour/trip programe, transfers, outdoor activities with all  equipment and a guide. The prices of one-day and half-day excursions/trips usually include (unless the programe reads otherwise) transfers, outdoor activities which are included in the trip programe (kayak, bicycles, hiking,boat etc.) with all equipment and a guide. The prices do not include (unless the programe reads otherwise) optional excursions, personal spending and drinks with any additional meals.

The right of transmission of packages of passengers
to other passengers

Before the package tour begins, a passenger has the right to transfer this Agreement to a person who fulfills all the conditions applicable to this Agreement if he has notified the Organizer at least 7 days prior to the start of the Package Plan. The Carrier and the recipient of this Agreement are solely liable for the payment of the amount of the price and for any additional fees arising or arising from the transfer of the Contract.

Cancellation by Discrover

The programs are subject to change depending on group abilities and preferences, weather conditions, water levels, special events of interest and similar. For client’s safety and comfort reasons DISCROVER reserves the right to alternate programe without prior notice. In a case of major changes or cancellations, DISCROVER will advise the Client as soon as possible and provide the following options: a) Client may accept a new departure date or destination offered by DISCROVER b) Client may accept a replacement package/excursion of equivalent or closely similar itinerary c) Client may cancel his/her booking altogether and receive a full refund of the money paid The Client is obligated to inform DISCROVER by writing of his/her decision within 48 hours of the offer. If the Client does not, DISCROVER will book a replacement package/excursion.


Private guesthouses

Most package tours include accommodation in guesthouse rooms owned by private owners. These are usually rooms with 3* (unless the programe reads otherwise) which provide basic comfort. Private guesthouses are licensed and approved for tourists.  Rooms are grade with a 3 * by the rules on Categorization of accommodation facilities of the Republic of Croatia.

Rooms are typically shared, with two people per room. Rooms are simple, comfortable, clean with towels provided. The Organizer shall be entitled to make changes to the agreed upon accommodation solely by accommodation of the same or higher category, and exclusively at the Organizer’s own expense. The Organizer shall be entitled to make changes to excursion schedule on a daily basis. If the buyer is not specifically contracted a room/apartment with special, he will accept any room/apartment officially registered for the issue and listed in the brochure and price list of the same object. When available, the organizer will try to meet additional demand for accommodation (comfort, room, floor, etc.), But cannot guarantee to fulfill requests.

Fisherman houses

Some of our tours/package include accommodation in fisherman houses.Fisherman houses are licensed and approved for tourists.This houses are typical traditional houses which are most common at archipelago of National park Kornati. This houses are traditionally made from stone(during the winter it keep temperature inside and during the summer they keep warm temperature outside from house).We call them a green house ! This houses are simply made and usually have no extra and typical shared space between all participants on tour which provide basic comfort, that is to say a clean, tidy house that is without any luxurious accessories.

Right to price increase and right to cancellation
due to price increase

The organizer reserves the right to change the prices in case of change of the price of accommodation, food, transport and other services, or in the case of changes in the value of the currencies that are the basis for calculating the price. To increase the package price up to 10% did not require the approval of the customer (the increase is calculated on all parts of the payment). In case of increase greater than 10%, the buyer has the right to terminate the contract without charge in, no later than two days of written notice delivered. Do not cancel the traveler in time, means that he agrees with the new price. He agreed price may not be increased in the period of seven days prior to the start of the tour.

The Customer undertakes to accept the price increase of up to 10%. A change of exchange rates in relation to the program publication date,a change of transport costs (fuel, road toll, etc.), a change in fees of hotels or carriers. DISCROVER may inform Customers of the change in writing or verbally.


No previous kayaking experience is necessary for most of our guided sea kayaking tours.
However these outdoor activities require a basic fitness level. Participants are responsible for being in sufficient health and physical fitness to join the trip.
They participate at their own risk and will be required to sign a liability case for personal responsibility.


We strongly recommend you to protect yourself with travel, medical and baggage insurance.In accordance with the Law on Tourism (“Official Gazette” no. 8/96 – hereinafter referred to as the Act), employees of the agency where the paid arrangement are required to offer the traveler a “package” travel insurance which consists of health insurance during their stay in abroad and luggage insurance, insurance against accidents and travel cancellation insurance. By accepting the contract on organized tours, which make and these terms and conditions, the buyer confirms that he was offered a “package” travel insurance.

The travel prices do not include casualty and disease insurance, the risk of damage and baggage loss insurance, or do they include voluntary health insurance. By making the payment for an excursion or a package tour, which are integral to the Terms and Conditions herein, as well as the trip programe, it is deemed that the Traveler(s) has/have thus been advised to take additional health insurances which can be purchased directly at an insurance company of one’s own choice.

Travel documents

Customers must have valid personal travel documents. Invalid documents leading to the cancellation of the travel shall not result in any harmful consequences for DISCROVER, and, if DISCROVER should suffer additional damages due to such an omission by a Customer, the Customer must compensate the damages suffered. If a travel document should be lost or stolen during travel, the costs of issuing new documents shall be borne by the Customer. DISCROVER’s guide will assist the Customer in such a situation, taking care of the normal course of the program thereby. If a certain travel requires a visa, DISCROVER may assist in obtaining such visa at a special additional fee. DISCROVER shall not be held responsible for decisions by customs or police or other state authorities banning passenger’s entry into a particular country.

Praise and objections

DISCROVER team take care about your opinion.
In case you are unsatisfied for any reason, you may write complaint to DISCROVER.
We allow you to send a written complaint by post or by mail.
For a quicker determination of the specific order you have a complaint, please include in the complaint your name, last name and booking or Invoice number.
DISCROVER will acknowledge receipt complaint of your complaint in writing without delay, and your response will be received within 15 (fifteen) days of receipt of your complaint.
For all information, praise, remarks, complaints as well as any other notices, please contact us on any of following:
Name: MY ACTIVE TRAVEL d.o.o. tourist agency
Adress: Trg bana Josipa Jelačića 6, Tratinska 45, 10000 Zagreb
Phone: +385 (0) 91 8856-177
E-mail: info@discrover.com.hr
Platform for Online Dispute Resolution
Through the EU’s special regulation, as of 15.02.2016, EU-wide online shopping dispute disputes will be possible through the ODR platform. The dispute settlement platform is available on the Internet site http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/.
This means that if you encounter a problem during an online purchase within the EU or disputes related to online ordering, first try to resolve it without involving the courts.
This link consumers can use for cross-border consumer disputes. For consumer disputes with regard to merchants from the Republic of Croatia, this possibility does not exist until the procedure is supported by the required legal regulations by the authorized bodies of the Republic of Croatia.

Difficulty support

If a Traveler finds difficulties, please contact us promptly at the one of following contact: MY ACTIVE TRAVEL d.o.o. Trga bana Josipa Jelačića 6, Tratinska 45, 10000 Zagreb OIB:30757718675 info@discrover.com.hr +385(0)918856-177 +385(0) 9155156-87 The organizer or organizer representative (guide, tourist companion ..) will provide personal assistance to the Traveler in formalities related to contacts with local authorities, Croatian diplomatic and consular representations, healthcare institutions and the other. The Organizer will do what the Traveler has under the Law in accordance with Article 49 of the Tourism Services Act.


During your tour/trip/excursion our staff may take media materials which will be send to you after the tour/trip/excursion is over.

Privacy statement

Any personal information collected about our customers will be kept confidential.
Medical and personal information will be disclosed to the guide so that he can be able to understand your abilities or concerns.
The information you provide us will not otherwise be forwarded to any third party.
By making reservation you agree that you have read and understand our TERMS AND CONDITIONS.