Kayaking holiday in Croatia


First what we need to take care about is the style of our kayaking holiday. We separate it in 2 general styles:   Guided and Selfguided tours.


Reserved for those who have earlier experience with sea kayaking and are owner of one of sea kayaking licences which proof that you know how to handle in difficult kayaking conditiouns. Once when it comes to capsize, to know how to do self resque  at last.

Even if you know how to handle in different kayaking conditions most important is that you are well prepared.


Drinkable water, energy bar, spare paddle, paddle leash, waterproof phone, protected map of the area where you are kayaking, water pump and emergencyphone numbers.

Most important on all self guided tours is to paddle with a partner, never alone!

Discrover map

Personally, If I go for sea kayaking in some new destination area I preffer to have a guide. Maybe I know how to kayak and how to handle varius situations on water but I like to have a local guide with  “KNOW HOW EXPERIENCE” Simply, I feel more safe when I go kayaking with a local guide. As well for sure I  can see  more than exploring by myself and it is more safe.


Usually in Croatia, Self guided tours Kayaking holidays often means renting kayaks with equipment  where local agency meet you with a kayak guide who knows the area. Providing you all kayaking equipment, maps of the area you are interested in, waterproof case with a phone for emergency. Guide usually reccommend you a spots on the map where to go and advice you about local wind, weather and stop points like restaurants and places for swimming and snorkeling.

This style of kayaking holidays can be organized with or without included accommodation  by your local tourist agent.


If you do Island hopping kayaking holiday and organize accommodation  by yourself it usually means that you need to organize transfers of your luggage to avoide carry all your luggage in a kayak.

It is much easier when your tour agent/agency organize accommodation for you because you don’t need to think about how to handle your luggage between islands.

Whole package is always better option for the customer and usually you get a better price than if you organize it by yourself.

Kayaking tours in croatia

However, self guided tour kayaking holidays are best way of sea kayaking holidays for those who are experienced kayakers  and like to paddle more.



Perfect for all those who like to have active holidays with  scheduled activities so you don’t need to think what you will do next day or where you will stay, or even to think about your dinner reservation in advance.

All this things are going smoothle with your adventure guide which do all that for you.

kayaking holidays croatia

Believing that you were occupied  with your work and now finally you have free week  for holiday and all you need is  someone to take care about your adventure and organize everything for you.

If you like to have balance of activities and free time, meet new people, stay in group, share positive vibes and have safe adventure week with mostly no experience then guided tours are made for you.

All organization like transfers from the airport to destination, islands or transfering luggage on island hopping tours and much more are well organized in  this guided tours and you have time to maximize your holiday adventure week.

kayaking holidays lopud island


 If you prefer guided kayaking holidays in Croatia, you can find lot of different guided tours on following link: Guided tours

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