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Adventure Encounter with Rivers of Karlovac County

Whether you are looking for an adventure or an active vacation in nature, you want to learn something or just want to enjoy the natural beauty and briefly escape from everyday life, "edu-active" encounter with the rivers of Karlovac County is always a good idea. Known for its natural resources in the heart of Croatia, Karlovac County is an ideal meeting place (man with nature). You will experience the hidden world of nature in the very center of Croatia, in urban areas, in a unique way, like never before. Cities of parks, promenades and historic buildings preserve many legends and stories. The crossroads of all roads from prehistoric times to the present day, offers its visitors unforgettable experiences which activates all sensens.

Activities: three-day activities in the area of the cities of Karlovac, Ozalj and Ogulin
Package price: on request
Number of guests: 4-40, for family and group excursions
Duration: 2 nights, 3 days
Difficulty of the activity: depending on the wishes of the group (easy or more demanding)
Possible date: from April to October

Trip program

  • Day 1 - Karlovac

    Arrival of visitors in the morning in Karlovac (8:00-9:00), check-in at one of Karlovac's hotels or other type of accommodation. Accommodation includes overnight stay with half board (breakfast, dinner).
    After check-in, there is a short break of about 30 minutes for gathering, coffee or a quick meal, after which we move to the bank of the mouth of the river Mrežnica in Korana - the place where our urban river adventure begins.
    10:00: Safari rafting on the Koran through Karlovac
    Ideal for family trips or team building programs. Riding the river in rafts through the very center of the city is something that cannot be experienced anywhere. This tour has been awarded by the Ministry of Tourism for two years in a row, for innovation and contribution to tourism. With the crossing of two waterfalls, during the tour guests have the opportunity to see the mouths of Karlovac rivers, the only registered city beach in Croatia called "Foginovo beach", and the bravest can taste the magic of the 10 meter jump. The ride takes 2 - 2.5 hours from Turanj to Fogin's beach.
    12:30: Lunch break
    14: 00h: Visit to AQUATICA - FRESHWATER AQUARIUM KARLOVAC, relaxation and guided tour along the Koran to Zvijezda
    The afternoon is scheduled for a visit to AQUATICA - FRESHWATER AQUARIUM KARLOVAC - the only freshwater aquarium in this part of Europe, relaxation with coffee in the aquarium cafe and an interpretive-educational walk with a guide along the newly built outdoor interpretation center and a walk through the story of the famous sights.
    17:00-19:00: ride on the Grain Boat "ZORA"
    At the end of the day, we take you on a relaxing cruise on the Grain Boat on the river Kupa with a welcome drink and homemade cookies.
    This wooden ship is a faithful replica of a ship that in the 18th and 19th centuries transported grain, wine, leather, honey, wood, etc. goods by trade routes from east to west. In Karlovac, as the last river port, these goods were traded and transhipped in carriages and transported on the historic roads Karolina, Lujzijana and Jozefina to the Adriatic ports, primarily Rijeka.
    Sailing the Cup on the route Brođani-Kamensko-Brođani, for 90 minutes our boatmen will introduce visitors to the story of the ship, the commercial history of Karlovac, sunken ships from Roman times, the richness of flora and fauna along the river. During the voyage, you can see the remains of the old railway bridge destroyed in the Homeland War, the Franciscan monastery and the church of Our Lady of the Snows in Kamenski. The trip of the excursionist is accompanied by a number of animals such as the bald eagle, wild ducks, cormorants, herons, waterfowl and sometimes there are occasional otters or beavers. The bravest can try their hand at the helm of the ship with the help of our captain, and the youngest always ring the real ship's bell.
    19:30: Return to the hotel, dinner and overnight.
    Duration: The start of the activity is at 10 a.m. with a duration until 7:30 p.m.

  • Day 2 - Ozalj

    After breakfast (8:00-9:00), the road takes us to the town of Ozalj. Ozalj has many natural beauties and benefits provided by the river Kupa, and is rich in cultural sights and famous historical figures. It is on this track that the unique offer we present to you was created. The famous Nikola Tesla and the famous Ozalj painter Slava Raškaj are more than enough reasons to take you to this fairytale place on the Kupa.
    10:00: Interpretive walk with a guide from the Ethno Park Ozalj to the Old Town and the Homeland Museum in Ozalj
    The route starts in the Ozalj Ethno Park, and with expert guidance, interested visitors have the opportunity to get to know the interesting things of Munjara, a hydroelectric power plant from 1908, whose position was painted by Slava Raškaj before construction, together with a waterfall and a mill. Then, along the Slava Raškaj promenade, visitors come to the Church of St. Vida and the grave of Slava Raškaj. The route ends with a visit to the impressive Old Town of Ozalj and the Homeland Museum.
    The idea of ​​this interesting tour was to acquaint the visitors of the route with the work of Slava Raškaj, the power of the river Kupa, in the authentic places where Slava painted, thus returning it to a significant period of Ozalj and Croatian history. The emphasis is on a visit to the Ethno Park Ozalj and Slava's love for her fellow citizens, hardworking peasants and their pastoral environment.
    For sunny days ahead, this route is ideal for enjoying nature and sacred and cultural heritage.
    13:30h: Lunch
    15:30: Active afternoon in Ozalj
    The afternoon is reserved for activities on the Kupa River. The activity includes competition in large professional rafting boats from the new hydroelectric power plant to the finish line at the city’s main beach. The idea is to have a parallel competition in 5 (10) large boats with 6-8 people in each. Teams agree before the competition, registration on the spot, and the draw will be public to raise the competitive spirit and fan atmosphere among participants and other visitors. Prior to the race, competitors will receive instructions from licensed skippers, which include, among other things, rules of conduct on the water.
    If you are not for active participation in the competition, we recommend that you spend a pleasant afternoon visiting the Vrlovka Cave with expert guidance, Ozalj wine-growing region or relaxing activities, such as cycling the sweetest route in the world "Strudel by bike", swimming and walking along the river Kupa and fig.
    19:30: Return to the hotel, dinner and overnight.
    Duration: the start of activities is at 10 am with a duration of up to 19 hours, with the possibility of additional facilities of your choice and prior arrangement (canoe rental, visit to the "Educational trail through Draganićka forest", visit to local family farms and winemakers with wine tasting, local products and pumpkin oil, visit to the Vrlovka Cave site, etc.).

  • Day 3 - Ogulin

    Breakfast and check-out from the hotel, trip to Ogulin.
    10:00-13:00: Active morning in the Fairytale Homeland

    Suggestion 1 - climb to the mountain KLEK - for more active
    Want to see what it's like to be on top of an 1181m high mountain and listen to the legend of the Klecka witches?
    It takes only two hours of moderate walking to 'conquer' Klek from the direction of Ogulin.
    The best escape from the daily hectic lifestyle and ubiquitous stress is trekking to Klek - the cradle of Croatian mountaineering and the most fairytale mountain in Croatia. Many legends are associated with the steep slopes of Klek, which are interpreted by an educational trail that leads to the very top from which the view of the entire Ogulin region "shoots". The more daring will experience the ascent to the very top, which is due to its geomorphological features, fitness and technically more demanding. After returning from the top, we will take a break at the mountain lodge.

    Suggestion 2 - Cyclobajka - for the less active
    Cycling, on the other hand, offers the possibility of cycling through the Ogulin landscape with an interpretive guide. Circular paths around Dobra and Sabljak stretch through interesting areas of the green part of the area, and reveal new landscapes and vistas.
    After a city tour and an afternoon break with lunch, we suggest a light bike ride to Lake Sabljaci. Lake Sabljaci is a real pearl of this area, the eleventh largest lake in Croatia, full of fish species. Only 4 km away from Ogulin, and when we arrive we will see an idyllic large lake, a beautifully landscaped promenade, a weekend village full of picturesque little holiday homes, arable land of hardworking people in the distance and part of the Great Chapel that stretches south.
    13:00h: Lunch
    15:00h:Fairytale route

    After lunch, we will "immerse" in the world of imagination - the Fairytale Route, through which you are guided by a professional fairy tale narrator. A walking route that unites the literary work of Ivana Brlić Mažuranić, born in Ogulin, with locations in the city and in the immediate vicinity.
    It is a narrative route, so in addition to interpreting the history and geography of the place built above the abyss of the river Dobra, we will learn a lot about the legends, traditions and stories of this area that are not in the brochures. The tour starts in the old Frankopan castle, then we move to Đulin vrt where we walk up to half an hour with a walk along the new promenades and landscaped garden with informative and multimedia contents, and get acquainted with the karst phenomenon of abysses, corridors and cave system below the city. the world below and in the plane of us. Here we touch on the fairy tale Regoč, because Ivana faithfully described her homeland in that fairy tale.
    A short walk then we return to the city where we see a small baroque place that developed from a military fortress, and the features and remains of the baroque are preserved to this day - we will discover a park in the city center and in the park baroque monuments, church and century linden trees.
    After visiting the place, we will visit Ivana's fairytale house and the Ogulin Homeland Museum, which offer a wealth of information and entertainment for all ages, and are located in the castle from where we began our discovery of Ogulin. The Ogulin Homeland Museum is located in the fort and is rich in exhibits, especially the alpine exhibit, which leaves visitors breathless with its detail, given that Mount Klek above Ogulin is the cradle of Croatian mountaineering and mountaineering and a home for witches and other mythological creatures.
    18:00h: Fairytale program by Đula's abyss
    We continue the evening activities in the very center of the city by setting up and performing a newer and somewhat more extreme activity - zip line or diameter. The diameter will be set from lookout to lookout so that brave visitors can peek into Đula's abyss from a completely new perspective, ie from the air.
    For visitors who still do not have that dose of courage or are already a little tired, we have prepared a relaxed and fun evening gathering with a small school of knots (the science of tying knots) and evening storytelling "aunt story" or a program of passing "metloškole" - for a driver's license on a broom to officially become one of us.
    Gathering and departure around 9 p.m.
    Duration: the start of the activity is at 10:30 a.m. with a duration until 9:00 p.m.


    2 nights with half board (breakfast / dinner, first day - dinner, third day - breakfast), safari rafting in professional boats and competition with expert guidance and all necessary equipment, tickets for Aquatika with expert guidance, excursion boat Žitna boat with expert guidance, tickets to the Ethno Park Ozalj, Homeland Museums in Ozalj and Ogulin and Ivana's fairytale house, sightseeing and tourist guide with interpretive guides in Ozalj and Ogulin, preparation and organization costs, transport of groups up to max 16 people, photos / videos , the necessary equipment for the Tyrolean diameter, the services of experts for the Tyrolean diameter, the services of experts for the workshops of čvorologija, the course "metloškole", the costs of organization, transportation, sojourn tax and insurance.


    transportation is possible for larger groups at an additional cost (bus, mini bus). Three (3) lunches and consumption of drinks during organized lunches is not included in the price of the arrangement and is charged extra according to the restaurant price list. The final price of the package per person depends on the choice of accommodation (hotel, hostel, private renters), period of the year (season, pre and post season), the total number of people in the group, additional activities at the request of the guest, etc.